Getting Your Air Fryer From Ebay

If you are looking for an air fryer, no doubt you have noticed they are not that cheap!

It doesn’t seem to be wherever you look that you can get either the Philips Air Fryer or the Tefal Actifry for less than a hundred pounds, and that’s a bargain! You will usually find that the Tefal is usually considerably cheaper than the Philips, but even with the latter, you can still find it for less than £150 if you do your homework. Our most reliable and preferred source for air fryers are the other links on this site but that isn’t to say there is anything wrong with Ebay. You must decide for yourself.

Be warned however, things are not always any cheaper on Ebay than anywhere else and there is always the issue of returning anything that you have to be really careful with. If you are buying second-hand then of course, returns are not often accepted but that doesn’t mean the item shouldn’t be working when you get it. If you do have a problem, contact the seller first and if you get no joy there, move on to Ebay. They have a system in place to deal with this type of thing but do remember to keep all your correspondence with the seller.

It is possible if buying new on Ebay that the item may also have been previously purchased by the seller as a ‘reject’ for whatever reason. Some may have had the box opened for other reasons so this may not been it is a reject. If the goods have been previously returned to the manufacture or for any other reason, then the sales blurb should clearly state this. In all other cases, make sure you have a full guarantee and know where and how to return items and who is responsible for any postage costs. Typically, it will be you.

That said, as long as you read the information carefully, check the reliability of the seller and know what you are getting Ebay can be a very good source and should be included in your search.

Gastric Bands, Air Fryers and Hypnosis

It stands to reason that owning a low fat air fryer is a very useful thing to have if you are trying to lose weight. One other thing I’ve recently come across and which you may have seen on the television is the use of hypnosis to make you believe that you have had a gastric band fitted. Now, to me gastric band hypnosis sounds too good to be true and I feel would make an interesting discussion. That said, I’m a fool for a quick fix and will be trying it out now I’ve found a source that provides the service for just £22. Others are changing an absolute fortune while praying on people’s desire for this kind of solution.

From memory, the first thing to consider is that the original gastric band hypnosis research involved subjects being hypnotised in an operating theatre and coming to in an environment that they would have had they actually had the operation. In psychology it is well known that we can recall things better when we are in the same location as we were when we learned something. This probably follows on from that idea. Now, this type of process is expensive and whether you believe in hypnosis or not, that can be prohibitive.

Does it work?

The answer to that question is I don’t know. What I do know is that hypnosis works for some people but it is not a ‘one off’ session, but a series of them. This actually make sense in order to reinforce behaviour patterns. Again, multiple sessions cost more money. I would suggest that anyone interested should ask for recommendations before spending their money.

You can try out a free hypnosis course if you Click Here!