To Fry Or To Air Fry? What’s the Answer?

by Carrie Westengate
Posted: April 08, 2014

One question people ask about air fryers is are they really comparable to using more traditional fryers. Well, that’s a big question and it depends on who you ask. Personally, I would say the taste is not the same although the manufacturers may dispute that. So what is the point in buying one?

There are several reasons when an air fryer would be useful in your home.

1) As you don’t need to use hardly any cooking fat or oil, they are certainly much healthier than using a deep fat fryer. The taste however is different. This certainly isn’t to say the taste is unpleasant, it is not and I use my air fryer most weeks. It’s quite difficult to describe what the difference is, but the outsides do not crisp up in the same way and do tend to go softer faster. I’ve got used to them now and enjoy not having that fatty aftertaste you can sometimes get with using a lot of cooking fat.

2) Using an air fryer is cleaner and often faster. Everyone knows that hot oil can spit and make a mess for you to clean up. The only thing to suffer with an air fryer is the inside of the machine which you can put in the dishwasher anyway! As these are so easy to set up, cooking seems much faster and less hassle. However, that said, if you are cooking for a family do make sure you get a fryer that has the capacity you need.

3) As the units are enclosed they are much safer to use than a deep fat fryer. Although the walls may get hot, there is no spitting fat and the units are enclosed. Gone are the days when you have to carry a full pan of boiling fat across your kitchen and hope you don’t trip or that a child runs into you. If you spill any, it also makes for a very slippery surface irrespective of the potential for serious burns and fires. If you have an absent minded relative, fire can be a big problem should they wander off and forget to turn it off – this happened to my mother-in-law who was lucky to escape from her home.

4) An air fryer will cook much more than just chips/fries. Although these fryers are often promoted to provide the best tasting chips and fries, depending on the make and model, you can make casseroles, curries, cakes, stir fries and much more. Most machines will come with a recipe book, but you can buy specialist books as well which will give you some great ideas. Be inventive, and try and adapt your own favourite meals.

5) Space – If you have a small home or kitchen, the footprint and versatility of an air fryer can make it pay for itself quite quickly.

Above is just a selection of why an air fryer can prove to be a valuable addition to your home. Prices have come down substantially over the last couple of years and as they have become more and more popular, the range that is available has also grown.

Check out some of our tips and air fryer recipes before you buy on this site.

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Chocolate Cake and Muffins in Your Air Fryer?

Here are a couple of great chocolate cake options for your air fryer – sorry, these are really for the Philips type of fryer although you may be able to use the cake recipe in the Tefal without the paddle.

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, you need to experiment to find out just what you can do with your air fryer.


Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Cake

Enjoy A Healthier You With These Nutrition Tips

There are many different points of view on what is entailed by a well-balanced diet. The following article will give you some proven tips for making your diet healthier and more nutritious.

Make sure you eat plenty of whole grains. Healthier people generally are those who choose whole grains instead of the nutritionally empty carbohydrates found in processed grains. Learn to read labels and look for 100% whole wheat as a top ingredient in your daily picks. This will give your body the right amount of fiber that it would need, as well as the nutrients that carbohydrates lack.

Try packing your own lunch for work or school. A meal you prepare in advance is almost always healthier than something you get from a restaurant or a vending machine. All it takes ten minutes or less and you’ve got yourself a few meals.

Whenever you go out to eat, try splitting your entree with your friend or date. Even mindfully selected entree can come with an excess of food, and thus fat and calories you do not need. Splitting one entree means you eat less and you spend less money. This will allow you to go out to eat while maintaining a healthy diet.

Calories Worth

It’s crucial that the calories you do consume are ones that will provide your body with plenty of nutrients. It is better for you to eat 1,8000 calories worth of nutritious whole grains, protein, and veggies instead of that same number of calories worth of sweets. What you put into your body is important, not just how much food you eat.

Eat foods regularly that have plenty of calcium. Foods that are high in calcium include beans, nuts, dairy products, and darker colored vegetables. This nutrient helps both bones and teeth to stay strong. If a person does not get enough calcium, the person can develop something called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is an extremely painful process that slowly causes your bones to be soft and brittle.

Children are more likely to try a new food if you focus on its look and feel rather than on its taste. If the texture sounds interesting, they may want to try it.

You need to take items which are called “fat-free” or “zero trans fat” with a grain of salt. A food labeled as low fat can still contain added sugars. Scrutinize the food label with extra care if you are considering buying these foods.

Nuts can make a wonderfully nutritious snack. A handful of organic almonds are high in fiber and really delicious.

When preparing mushrooms, always make sure they are adequately cooked. Cooking them properly breaks down their carcinogens, which can damage the body. You must be aware of your body’s health. Bad health can cause your fat-burning abilities to drastically decrease.

As you know, it can be hard to figure out which nutritional advice to follow. If you succeed in tailoring the tips to your specific lifestyle, you stand a good chance at greatly improving your nutrition.

Many people aren’t sure where they can learn about air fryer. This article has provided a lot of information about air fryer. Begin using the information that you have learned about air fryer from this article.