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Apr 02

Air Fryer Recipe Books (updated)

If you are looking for air fryer recipe books, you will be hard pressed to find many! I can only find three, and one of those seems to be an electronic edition only (e.g. for the Kindle). So, if there are any budding authors out there, why not think about producing your own? This appears …

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Nov 20

Why The Philips Air Fryer?

For those new to the Philips air fryer and the concept of hot air fryers, then you are in for a treat! Low fat air fryers suggest that you can have the taste of deep fat frying but without the fat and the resulting calories. Excessive consumption of saturated fats in particular are not good …

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Nov 23

Make A Frittata In Your Philips Air Fryer

How to make an egg frittata in your Philips Air Fryer without fat. The video has a lot of back ground noise, but you can still hear fine. For me, I think the timing is a little long but I guess that depends on what you put in it!

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