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Is A Low Fat Air Fryer Worth Buying If You Live On Your Own?

Have you ever been put off from buying an air fryer because you don’t think it’s worth the expense if you live on your own? Well, think again as it could save you on your energy bills as well as in terms of time and convenience. Let me explain why.

For those who have been to my website it would come as no great surprise that I’m a great fan of my Philips Air Fryer so I make no apologies if my slant towards them emits from this brief article! However, during my experimentation with it, I’ve come to believe this gadget is as useful as the microwave has become – particularly if you regularly cook for yourself. This puts it firmly in the remit of students and other single working people including those who are retired who may have issues with carrying hot pans or bending to get things out of the oven.

Now, most people know that we should all be following a lower fat diet for health reasons, irrespective of whether trying to lose weight. This is what owning an air fryer all is about. Cooking with no fat or significantly lower amounts.

Apart from the health aspect, there is also the convenience of cooking when you are short of time or just don’t want to get the pots and pans out or put the oven on (especially in the summer). Although the Tefal Actifry was probably the first air fryer on the market (at least in Europe), IMHO, it is the Philips Air Fryer that is more adaptable for use with different foods. Chips and fries are NOT the only thing you can cook in your fryer!

The Philips Air Fryer takes up less space than the Tefal and is more attractive with its ergonomic pod shaped design. You can leave it out on the work surface without it getting in too much of the way, but it also fits neatly inside a cupboard without moving the shelf to get it in. It’s not that heavy so should be easy to lift for all.

So what foods can you put in it? Although the machines are widely advertised to cook chips that taste just like the deep fried ones we all know and love, they are a bit different without all that oil. However, I firmly believe they taste better than oven chips and certainly look more like the home made fried variety although you can pop in frozen chips if you wish. But what else?

OK, I have so far made brownies, reheated my own frozen Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes. You can also roast your own potatoes, cook croquettes, hash browns and all manner of frozen things like veggie sausages, fish fingers or breaded fillets and even bake jacket potatoes with nice crispy skins. Roasted vegetables are great when using the included pan and you can even pop a small quiche in. If you are single, you can easily cook a meal for one by using the food divider saving you time and washing up!

All this and it’s much faster to cook as well! If you were cooking oven chips you have to heat the oven and cook your oven chips takes around 30 minutes. In the air fryer, the whole process using the same chips would take no more than 15 minutes for 2-4 portions (this depends on your appetite)!

Add to that the fact that you are not dealing with dangerous hot fat and heavy pans and you are on to a winner!