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Recommended EBooks On Weight Loss And Low Fat Cooking

This is just a list of our favourite EBooks and programs for weight loss and low fat cooking, these may not necessarily be for air fryers.

We have included it just because there is so much information out there it is difficult to know what works best. If you are trying to lose weight, then motivation is one of the key factors to being successful. I know only too well, when faced with an incredibly decorated cupcake I really have to try it! I also know, one bite is unlikely to be enough….. It’s a bit like those diets that tell you not to shop every day but also not to deprive yourself of chocolate. Their suggestion is to buy a bag of mini bars. Might work for some, but for me, it’s like a siren going off in my head that they are there and ‘just one more’ won’t hurt will it?!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, do have a look at any of these that you fancy as looking is free and some of them offer freebies as well.

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